The activities at the GEDS summer camp

GEDS supports young individuals in understanding and regulating the inner and outer world, which is crucial for a healthy and balanced life.

Within one intense week, we will focus on the following learning outcomes:


Learn the four primary skills combined
with a fun vacation

Establishing the four primary Physical, Mental, Personal, and Social skills in order to reach full potential. GEDS program is a holistic approach to physical and mental training designed to improve kid’s brain endurance and concentration, understanding of the human body and mind, enhance their leadership skills and intrinsic motivation.

Through various visual, auditive, coordinative and cognitive methods, Life- Kinetics exercises connect different brain areas. It is scientifically proven that Life- Kinetics improves the performance in school and sports, and private life.

Physical Skills

Focus on undersanding the own body to reach maximum performance.

Social Skills

Team building activities and trainings to form leadership skills and responsibility.

Mental Skills

Focus on understanding the mind and the thoughts.

Personal Skills

Through sports and training triggering creativity and decision- making, effort and will to win.


Various sports for an optimal body workout combined with awareness activities

the perfect mix of vacation and personal growth

Customised modules from different areas for the optimal development of the body and the mind.


Hand-eye coordination training with various ball sports to better understand game principles and also be able to recall them in the game.


A perfect combination between endurance, strength and agility for your own self-defense. Through the playful way to interact with your own body and others you will understand and learn the physical power of yourself. Through a formed body and mind automatically becomes self-confidence and your own willpower. All this happens in a safe environment of respect and appreciation of others.


The unique combination of perceptual components such as optics , audio or sensory, coupled with cognitive elements, such as memory, attention or intelligence, and unusual movement tasks guarantees the maximum variety and fun for school and sports.


The pure nature - exciting mountain bike tours through the mountains, full body activities like climbing and in the evening at a campfire the day can be reviewed.

Your benefits:

summarized at a glance

Better performance in school and sports

Healthy food and Lifestyle

Creativity and Decision-making

Inner Balance and Peaceful Mind

Emotional Intelligence

Sport and Movement


Be a part of an unforgettable adventure.

SUMMER CAMP - "What Now?" powered by Modul University Vienna

04.07 – 08.07.2022

Age 15-21
Language: German and English

Price: TBC

  • Location: Modul University Vienna
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Healthy Snacks included
  • Accommodation: TBC
  • Outdoor Activities
  • BBQ & Sundowner on the MU terrace
  • Excursion to Talent Garden 
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the camp 
  • Special offer for siblings 
  • 20 spots available
  • COVID-19 Safety Measures and Testing

Each workshop has a limited number of participants
to ensure the optimal development of each individual.

Andre Aliou

My goal is to support young individuals in developing their physical skills and mental strength by applying the knowledge I have gathered throughout my 13 years of experience as a certified coach in sports and mentoring.

I develop group potential and each individual's personal growth by leading through values such as teamwork, self- love, empathy, and respect.


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 Summer Camp -   04.07.- 08.07.2022

Testimonials of Happy Families

Victoria Wiiliams

Vice President Medicine Commercialisation Leader VIR

This week we left Vienna and one of the most difficult things was my son (9 y.o) leaving his football team and a coach who has totally inspired him. The values he instilled were: Team work, always give your best, discipline and always want to win. “He made these come alive in everything he did with his team of Lions. He was a calm but consistent presence, no screaming from the side lines but an incredibly strong leader. Discipline: My son wanted to give his best for the team. Hard work = playing matches = playing a part in the team success. Will to win: My son started to talk more and more about the team success instead of the individual goals he had scored. Equality and diversity: the team comprised of well-off expat kids, diplomat families, Austrians and other families. At least 8 different languages were spoken off the pitch. Everyone was welcome, everyone was selected, and I never once heard my son or his team mates make any issue of these differences, they just didn’t matter to the team. They made the team better. As a parent I am so grateful that my son had this experience! As a leader I am in awe of this very special and inspirational coach.

Iva Hamel

Senior Private Sector
Specialist at World Bank Group

"Our son has benefited tremendously from participating in the GEDS semester program. He improved his athletic skill set and core stamina through the program's fun and original activities like hiking, running, boxing and agility training. He has also grown as a human-being, learning life lessons about hard work, being part of a team and a member of society. His focus and mental stamina have also become stronger, helping him in sports and in school. The personal and physical growth over the last year have been truly impressive. We can only highly recommend GEDS to all parents of growing kids."

Sylvia Lempesis

Art Director

"André is such an inspiring addition to our child's life. He has helped our 11years old son to move forward physically and mentally over the last year through Life Kinetik and Thai boxing training. Our son has developed a "can do " attitude in the face of challenges and with André’s unique approach his self-esteem, motivation, and coordination have tremendously increased. Not only André is encouraging, supportive, and great with kids, he also cares and respects individual differences. He is a skilled coach/ leader with boundless enthusiasm and energy. We love having such a positive role model for our teenager son. We could not recommend him highly enough!"

Fenja Yamaguchi

Deputy Ambassador, Danish Embassy & Kai- Yamaguchi Fasting, CEO Properly ApS

“André has been training our son for a few years now and we have seen really impressive development over the years. Not only regarding the football skills and the physic but also when it comes to mental strength. André gives his students that extra push when they need it while always using positive encouragement to empower them when things are difficult thereby enabling them to come out stronger on the other side. Can only recommend André to anyone who wants their kids to develop their physical skills and mental strength and have fun at the same time.”